Diamond Boss Essential Oils & Air Freshners

Diamond Boss Essential Oils/Fragrance & Air Freshners

These Essential Oils are the most common used on the market of oils. They do not contain any alcohol and is healthier for the body. Each body oil is $6 each and there are may different types of fragrance names, which will be added on a constant basis, so please check the site on the regular. Please state in your Additional Information Order Notes what kind of fragrance and how many you’re ordering and we will ship it out to you.


1 bottle $6 each (1 oz)

2 bottles $5 each (1 oz)

3 or more bottles $4 each (1 oz)

****We will credit your order based on the amount of the bundle oils you’re purchasing***

Tax is 7% (GA), and Shipping Costs are $3.50 to $5.00 unless specified based on the location. You will received an invoice to update your payment. Please confirm to complete your order. (12 hours to complete payment transaction, afterwards the order will be canceled with notification.)

Recommendation: Order as a bulk to save shipping costs.

Oils Available (Types):

Michelle Obama – Amazing Scent

Pink Sugar – Sweet Light Scent

Michael Kors (Men and Women)

Green Irish Tweed (Unisex)

Jimmy Choo (Men and Women) – Amazing Scent — New!!!

Paris Hilton (Women and Men)

Ed Hardy (Men)

Amber White – Sweet and Light Scent

Polo Double Black

Sex On The Beach

Barack Obama

Issey Miyake (Men and Women)

Tom Ford (Tobacco Vanille) (Men)

1 Million (Unisezx) – Sweet Scent

Dolce & Gabbana (Men)

Egyptian Musk – (Men) – Most Popular!

Sauvage by Dior (Men) – New!!!

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